McDonald’s Employee Claims Your Food Will Be Fresher if You Ask For a Receipt.

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Food at McDonald’s is not cooked to order. There are the rare occasions, like when you ask for specific changes to a common menu item, but most of the food is cooked on a steady rotation. And once it sits under the heat lamps for too long… well, it isn’t pretty. Now, though, there’s advice about how to ensure that your order is fresh.

A McDonald’s employee, Kamran Adan, worked for the fast food behemoth in London. He claims that the company gives the freshest food to the customers who ask for a receipt.

“Basically between 12-2pm and 5-7pm workers have to be extra careful because that is when gapbusters (mystery shoppers), who are paid, visit McDonald’s restaurants and rate their experience,” he wrote on Quora.

Anyone being paid to rate their experiences will need documentation of the experience. So few people ask for their receipts at this type of fast food establishment that it draws attention.

“This then goes to the overall store rating and every store manager will do everything to ensure this rating is as positive as possible.”

Kamran says “it is easy” to spot a mystery shopper “because they always ask for a receipt (so they can get their food costs reimbursed by the company employing them)”.

“So, if you ask for a receipt in that time everyone will be immediately alert that you could be a potential gapbuster and they’ll make sure to serve you the freshest burger and fries, and give you priority over everyone else.”

Essentially, asking for a receipt is a not so subtle way to make yourself look like someone who will be reviewing the experience.

It is an easy theory to test. Before your order is filled, ask for the receipt. That’s easy. Then watch where they pull the food from. All of the burgers slide down a short ramp that puts the oldest food closest to the registers. The freshest food is in the back.

If employees are conspiring to favor food critics, they’ll reach in and pull a burger from the back of the line, and not the dried-out, crusty burgers sitting first in the hopper.