Man Spots Something in the Road, Finds a Kitten Frozen to the Ground. He Decides to Save It [VIDEO]

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A man named Slava was driving down the road in his car when he spotted something, initially thinking that “it was an animal and it must be freezing in the weather.” He decides to stop and discovers a kitten that is covered in ice crystals and crying out for help, with one of its paws frozen to the ground.

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As cars continued to drive by on the road in Russia, Slava though he had to be the one to save the kitten. Since the kitten’s paw was frozen to the ground, the process began when he used warm water to help thaw the ice.

“It was very cold,” he said, according to a report by Bored Panda, “so I wrapped her up in a towel and brought her back to my car.”

“I turned up the heat to full capacity to help remove the frost on her coat,” Slava added.

Slava took the kitten home, preparing warm blankets and placing her near a radiator and lamp. The cat, which he named “Nika,” began to purr and rub her face against Slava’s hands, a gesture he interpreted as a “thank you” for saving her life.

He later took Nika to the vet, where it was determined her tail, which suffered extensive damage due to frostbite, had to be amputated.

“She knew that we were trying to help,” said Slava. “She was patient, did not complain and was very sweet the whole time.”

Nika has since found a forever home with an owner who adores her.