Man Makes 18 Hilariously Accurate Charts That Sum Up Everyone’s Lives

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When we think of graphs or charts, our minds tend to wander towards a tedious, menial activity. Meet Matt Shirley, the man who creates hilarious charts that sum up our everyday lives. His topics range anywhere from what people tend to say every day to what we’re thinking about when it comes to adopting an animal from the shelter.

Self-checkout is the bane of every shopper’s life.

I don’t see an “all of the above” option.

This has to be one of the most accurate things I have ever come across on the internet.

Literally, every conversation with a stranger will at some point consist of this conversation point about the time change. Yes, I know it’s dark outside. I can see.

Shirley told Bored Panda he enjoys charts and graphs as a form of entertainment. “I like charts because they don’t require a lot of reading and there’s an inherent discovery process whenever you are trying to figure out what a chart is trying to depict, whether it’s for entertainment or data-driven,” he said.

He also explained the limitations he sees when making his hilarious charts. “The only limitations I’ve found are with the types of jokes you can include. If you want long-winded setups and character-driven jokes then charts are definitely going to be difficult to work with.”

It isn’t often I find myself laughing out loud, but these charts and graphs are just too perfect.