Man Opens Antique Safe He Inherited, Immediately Goes to Financial Advisor

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Family members often leave objects of value to their relatives when they die. These objects could simply be of sentimental value, a keepsake to remember a loved one. Other times, something of immense monetary worth is inherited. The latter is what Imgur user Jacob came across when he inherited his great uncle’s safe, which had been passed down for multiple generations.

Jacob said in an Imgur post that he had inherited a massive safe and all of its contents from his great uncle with the stipulation that he could get the safe out of the basement of a home that was scheduled to be demolished. Jacob didn’t think much of the task at the time.

He explained that he had acquired help from a friend and the two planned on dragging the safe up the stairs. “My friend and I had a furniture dolly and thought we could get it just the two of us. We got it on the dolly with relative ease but once we tried to get it up the first step we quickly realized we had been beaten by an inanimate object…for now.”

After he failed to bring the safe from the dark depths of the basement, Jacob enlisted the help of his father who had the clever idea to build a makeshift ramp from wood screwed together.

“A few weeks later my dad and I came back with the big guns to get this thing out. We made this ramp out of 1×12’s that were screwed together with 1×1’s on the back to catch the treads and prevent slipping,” he wrote.

Learning from his prior mistake, Jacob had his father chained the safe to his skid loader and dragged it up the stairs. Thanks to his father and his ingenious plan, Jacob successfully got the safe out of the basement. He cleaned off the safe and looked at the instructions that came with the safe on how to open it.

“The lock design was unlike any I had seen before in that it had 4 entries. You had to spin to the first number clockwise, then had to rotate the dial 3 times counter clockwise to the second number, then 2 times clockwise again to the 3rd number, and finally 1 time counter clockwise to the final number as per the manufacturer’s instructions,” he wrote.

Jacob said he would never have figured it out if he had just received the code. When he opened the safe, he didn’t see anything of monetary value. He claimed his great-uncle Ray was considered a hoarder, so only a bunch of papers were visible in the safe.

But Jacob and his father persevered and began going through all of the old documents, eventually finding something that excited him and his father immensely.

“We found two different Disney Co. Stock Certificates amounting to 30 shares. It was our understanding that my great uncle’s trust (whose name the certificates are in) had been closed out and liquidated upon his passing.”

He immediately went to a financial advisor for confirmation of the authenticity of the documents. “After getting in touch with [a financial advisor] and doing some paperwork and research it turns out these certificates ARE still outstanding!!! … My grandpa and I are going through the process of changing the names on the certificates out of my great uncle’s trust so that they will be valid again.”

Early indications, according to Jacob, is that the shares are worth $50,000. So despite the trouble he went through to get the safe out of the basement, it paid off big time! Not bad pay for a day’s work.