Man Asked For Help After His Tesla was Keyed. The Internet Responded. [VIDEO]

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It’s rare for someone to brazenly destroy another’s property in a public area in the middle of the day, but one Tesla owner came back to his car to find that it had been keyed. The owner can be seen in the video looking around to determine who keyed the vehicle, but luckily for him, the internet was able to help.

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Justice Frimpong, the owner of the Tesla, posted two images on Twitter of a man who allegedly keyed his car. For those who are unaware, Tesla has motion sensor cameras in their cars that are activated as a man approached the side of Frimpong’s car.

For whatever reason, the man thought this was the perfect time to key a complete stranger’s car. But luckily for the owner, the internet had his back helping him determine who the culprit was.

With his images getting more and more attention, Frimpong took the advice offered from several people on Twitter who recommended that he look to see what direction the criminal was coming from to perhaps get a view of his license plate.

It should come as little surprise, but this criminal was not very smart as he can be seen exiting his vehicle behind the Tesla.

Frimpong reportedly went to the police with the footage and the suspect’s license plate number. When authorities questioned the suspect, he tried to wiggle his way out of his crime by claiming he had no idea what they were talking about.

It wasn’t until after the police explained that they had footage of the incident that the suspect miraculously remembered his crime.

Frimpong took to Twitter to give everyone an update who had helped him. “With [the license plate] they were able to find him, and at first, he couldn’t remember being there, but when the cops told him they had the footage, it suddenly jogged his memory. He then confessed and “apologized”…” Frimpong also added: “So, in the end, I talked to my insurance, and he will pay for the damages.”

And they say the internet is only filled with trolls.