Jeep Drivers Teach Arrogant Mercedes Driver a Lesson About Parking [VIDEO]

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Some people are very proud of their parking skills. Some of these parking skills leave the rest of us less impressed. This is one of these times. The driver of this Mercedes parked in two spots outside of this Best Buy, hoping that no one would ding his paint job with their doors.


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There are consequences for your actions, though. And when this driver took up more than his fair share of parking space, a couple of other drivers decided they could park outside of the lines, too.


And they have it on video. When the driver came back, he had difficulty getting into the car. After parking him in, they hopped out and waited nearby for him to return.


He stomps around the parking lot for a bit, kicking tires and trying to figure out just how thin he can make himself. After deciding he can’t squeeze in, he opens the hatch-back and climbs through.


There’s some theories brewing in the comments that this may not be as spontaneous as it might have appeared. They stem mostly from the fact that the Mercedes driver is wearing a hood.


But he is making sure that his gestures are big enough to be seen by the camera, too.

This isn’t the only instance of a Jeep driver getting revenge. The Best Buy customers are relatively civil when compared to this driver outside of a Walmart.

This seems like a perfectly good excuse to own a winch. And a valuable lesson on stealing spots.