James Corden Rocks Grammys with Carpool Karaoke Version of 47-Year-Old Classic [VIDEO]

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The Grammys, an award show that only really has an audience because no one is currently playing football, took place Sunday night and featured a packed crowd of celebrities there to pat each other on the back. Yet there was one moment that is going viral.

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James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke has become a cult classic. His ability to break through celebrities’ facades and expose some of their more intimate moments has earned his recurring skit a place in American’s hearts.

One might note that¬†Carpool Karaoke is exactly the opposite of what the Grammys set out to do. It is unpolished and imperfect and (at times) amazingly intimate. Perhaps that’s why the producers of the Grammys decided to bring the phenomena inside.

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Critics might argue that this is the Grammys jump-the-shark moment, or that Corden sold the soul of Carpool Karaoke. Either way, this was a moment to remember–however briefly.

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Sweet Caroline. Carpool Karaoke sung from a cardboard cut out of a car.

And who was Corden backing up? Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, John Legend, Ryan Tedder…. Even an aging Neil Diamond jumped in for a revival of the 1969 chart topper, “Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good).”

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Diamond devotees will know that the song was originally recorded at American Sound Studio, in Memphis–which is how we connect the dots to the best known cover of the song.

If either of these have left you nostalgic for the real thing, I’ll offer this. Neil Diamond has been cagey about just who inspired the song.

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For years, he stuck to his story that the song was in honor of JFK’s daughter Caroline, though he changed his tune late and said that he’d actually written the song about his wife Marsha–but that he’d needed a three syllable name to fit his melody.