Internet Steps in to Help Dying Man Find Long Lost Shotgun for Grandson

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This isn’t the typical breaking news story. It has absolutely nothing to do with President Trump. Even though it is about guns, in a way, it has little to do with threats to the Second Amendment. Yet it could be the best story you’ll read today.

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There’s a forum post going viral about a man’s dying wish. We tripped over it and were moved, and thought we may be able to help.

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From the post:

A man named Gary Fall is fighting cancer and doesn’t think he has a lot of time left. One of his last wishes is to find a shotgun that he pawned years ago so that he can give it to his grandson. Unfortunately since this was a while ago there are no records of who it was sold to and the pawn shop has long since closed.

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The shotgun is a Model 12 like the one in the picture with a Monte Carlo stock and ventilated rib. His full name, Gary Lee Fall, is engraved on the receiver. He pawned it in Santa Rosa, California maybe about twenty years ago. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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The gun is out there, somewhere. A Winchester Model-12 is a classic. While it is a bit out-of-fashion with the sporting set at shooting competitions today, the old shotgun isn’t likely to have been scrapped. It wouldn’t have been parted-out. It is likely sitting in someone’s safe.

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Fall was a competitive shooter, long ago. While it would be easy enough to find a Model-12 and have his name engraved on it, Fall is looking for the original. The engraving alone means it isn’t worth anything to anyone as a collector’s piece.

More details from the forum:

The engraved name was on the large flat side of the receiver and it was his full name not just his initials. [It has a] Monte Carlo stock, ventilated rib, [and is a] trap gun typical of around 40 years ago.

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Fall doesn’t have much time left. Cancer can be that way. It is time that everyone pass this post on to friends and friends of friends. Get it out there and let’s get the gun back home.

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