Instagram Trolls Attack Kelly Clarkson for Giving Nutella To Her Daughter. [VIDEO]

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Kelly Clarkson is no stranger to the abuses of the internet. No celebrities are. That said, she was reminded again of just how cruel strangers can be when she posted a 15 second video of her daughter on Instagram. The video showed the child eating Nutella, and loving it. That was more than the trolls could handle.

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“River’s first Nutella experience. It should have been via crepe but toast was easier,” Clarkson wrote.

“River, do you like Nutella?” Kelly asks from behind the camera.

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“Yeah,” River says. The two-year-old then breaks out a bit of a happy dance.

The video has been seen more than 3 million times. Most of those viewers were able to keep their parenting advice to themselves. Yet there were some exceptions.

“Nutella is PACKED with sugars. Don’t make your kids blow up.”

“Nutella is hella bad for you,” another wrote.

“Giving food like this to a child is child abuse.”

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Right. It is like child abuse. Really tasty child abuse that makes kids happy.

One commenter pushed an unsupported claim that Nutella has been “confirmed to give cancer.” How does something “give” cancer? That’s a great question.

There are those out there who believe that palm oil is carcinogenic. If it is heated to high temperatures, it can cause problems. Nutella isn’t heated.

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Nutella is made from some things that aren’t great choices, nutritionally. Palm oil is one. Sugar is the other. The Daily Mail, covering the Clarskon story, broke down the ratios:

“Each 15g tablespoon of the spread contains 8.5g of sugar – which means that each 400g jar contains a whopping 227.2g. That works out as 57 sugar cubes per jar – and makes up more than half of the jar’s weight.”

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We have all been told, numerous times, that excess consumption of sugar and fat is not good for us. Yet most of us do it anyhow.

“There is absolutely zero substantial evidence to suggest that Nutella increases cancer risk,” Jaclyn London, Nutrition Director at the Good Housekeeping Institute, told The Mail. “No single food product can increase your risk of chronic disease in isolation.”

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So just make sure you enjoy your Nutella responsibly, like little River Rose, and you should be fine.