Inches From Death: Man Nearly Killed After Shooting Fridge Loaded With Explosives [VIDEO]

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Binary explosives have a devoted following in the shooting sports. They’re marketed as a “shot indicator.” This means you can place a small amount at a great distance and know almost instantly if you are hitting you target by the puff of smoke and sonic report. But pack a whole bunch of it into a confined space and it can be dangerous.

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The Makers of Tannerite would like you to know that this is not the appropriate use of their product. Their lawyers would like for you to use their products as instructed, and not like this yokel. Really. They are not liable for the stupidity of users.

There are numerous examples online of people hurting themselves with an improper use of the product.

The man packed the fridge with the intention of creating a spectacle. He recorded it on video.

Proof that the man shooting the fridge may not be very experienced can be seen in the manipulation of the firearm. He has a hard time getting the rifle to work. In fact, his friend has to come up and help him out.

But he can’t hit it. Hitting a refrigerator from 50 yards with an AR-15 is a very easy task. I think the shooter decided it was a bad idea and missed on purpose. The cameraman friend eventually steps up and takes the shot. The shot hits its mark.

Then the magic happens. For us, anyhow. We get to laugh at his near-death experience. The shooter, on the other hand, likely hand to change his shorts. Using the tree as a brace was actually a good idea. It stopped the force of the door hitting the shooter. He survived. To breed. And the Darwin Awards are cheated, yet again, of another entry.

The explosion is near the end, so feel free to skip ahead.