If You Want To Watch Netflix, You Have to Keep Pedaling

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Binge watching television is hardly new. Those of us old enough to remember DVDs likely powered through a whole season of something in one sitting. But Netflix has made it much easier. It requires a certain discipline to get up off the couch. Now, there’s a hack that will help make binge watching good for you.

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Cyflix. Engineering student Ronan Byrne invented programming for a stationary bike that controls access to your Netflix stream. In order to watch, you have to be actively riding the stationary bike. Byrne call it “Exercise Powered Entertainment.”

The rider sets up a target speed for a workout. If the speed drops below that point, the Netflix stream stops. As Gizmodo reports, you can program the length of the workout, the intensity, and even build in rest breaks. His exercise hack is easy to do, and Byrne has posted the instructions on his blog, Roboro.

And it isn’t just Netflix. The concept works on other streaming services, too. This concept could revolutionize the way couch potatoes get their media.