Hilarious #MyWorstDate Tweets that Make Staying Single Sound Like a Great Idea

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The Tonight Show Hashtags segment is a favorite among viewers. Host Jimmy Fallon recently challenged Twitter users to share highlights of some of their worst dating experiences, using the hashtag #MyWorstDate, and the results were a combination of hilarious and cringe-worthy. Here are some of the more interesting responses featuring the hashtag.

Better to know this about her early, though. No?

“More or less” seems like it covers the whole spectrum, but my money would be on “less.”

Well, to his credit, he is right. Superman is only super becasue he is hanging out here. Batman had to work for his abilities.

He must not be too good a friend if he didn’t know his girlfriend. I wouldn’t call this one disqualifying, unless Mark had some inside info to share.

It is bad when the cat’s problem becomes your problem. There must be a lot more to this story, though I don’t know that I would have stuck around to hear it either.

The first indication should have been that he was ordering Heinekens. But this dude would be helpful at the parking meter in front of the laundromat.

This one is a bit sketchy. Time to enroll in Or maybe it would be better to have a sit down with the uncle and get the story straight. Either this family is in need of a reunion, or someone has some explaining to do.

Maybe I haven’t, but odds are there are a lot of people out there who have seen a lot more than her “work.” Again, though, I would put this in the better-get-this-out-early category and not save it for the holiday reunion.

There are clinical diagnosis for this type of behavior. That doesn’t mean you have to date those people, though. I wonder if he named the plants? He does sound organized and devoted, two traits that can be very appealing in a partner. Still, he’s carrying pictures of his plants. That isn’t normal.

h/t BuzzFeed