Here Are The 15 Funniest ‘What Idiot Called It’ Memes

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Over the years, we have seen the internet transform into a meme machine. The internet is filled with memes, some low brow and some high brow. Memes have become such a large part of Americans’ lives that colleges even offer courses showing how the younger generation communicates. Here is a list of great opportunities missed to make others laugh.

Some of these are actually pretty good, and many of them are guaranteed to make you question why this isn’t the actual terminology. Bored Panda curated the list by scouring the internet.


I fully support the idea of referring to someone’s foot falling asleep as “coma toes.”

…no….just no.

Never met a woman who actually enjoyed wearing high heels so “arch enemies” sounds appropriate.

All I can imagine when someone wrote this is Admiral Ackbar yelling: “It’s a trap!”

Missed opportunity…

Tim may be on to something here.

If they can get Amy Poehler to sign on, it might just have a chance.

This handful of examples should have us all questioning everything now.