Here are 18 of the Worst Newspaper Headlines that Will Make You Question Everything

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Newspapers used to be the predominant way to obtain information about the world and local community. Nowadays between phones, the internet and television, there are so many different ways to get information and stay up to date that newspapers have become almost obsolete. Let’s take a look back at some of the worst newspaper headlines from the past.

Some of these will genuinely ask yourself if these publications have editors.

They must be expecting them to speak from the grave.

Proof that the quality of the American education has declined. Does this make you question what a “majority” is?

In other news, water is wet.

I’m pretty sure teen pregnancies drop off to zero percent once women turn 20…

Well, considering these vehicles are being “submerged,” it’s safe to say the submarine is using the sea to hide itself.

I wonder what this “joint committee” passes around?

It’s like going into a Waffle House and finding out they have waffles.

Is she David Copperfield?

He was clearly not successful in his plan. Unless witnesses saw his ghost?

When are nuclear explosions a good thing?

Umm, what?

When you fall asleep on the keyboard.

Okay, I can’t even get mad at this headline. But it makes me wonder.

“Phrasing” —Sterling Archer

When the cops arrest you so many times they don’t even list the specific crimes you’re charged with anymore.


It’s possible that whoever wrote this headline was the part that didn’t show improvement. You know, Mississippi is a hard word to spell.

I love it when a plan comes together.