Head-On Crash of 1998 Carolla and 2015 Carolla Shows The Advances of Auto Safety [VIDEO]

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There’s something captivating about watching car crashes. Slow motion car crashes are even better. Yet the guilty pleasure we tend to feel at actual crash sites is completely absent when the car crashes are happening under controlled circumstances. The one below was done in the name of science, and what you can see in the results is stunning.

05152017 g6

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This team crashed a 1998 Toyota Carolla into a 2015 Carolla. The result is just what you’d expect. The 2015 Carolla fared much better.

05152017 g5

The testing occurred at  the fourth annual United Nations’ Global Road Safety Week.  The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) tested two Toyotas in a “partial overlap” crash test.

At just 40 MPH, the test was designed to show just how deadly a head-on collision can be in some older cars.

05152017 g4

One big feature that differentiates the two is airbags. While the 1999 Carolla had airbags, the 98 did not. And the crash-test dummy wishes it did.

ANCAP rates their cars on a scale of 16 points. The 1998 Carolla earned only .40 points. That’s not good. The newer Carolla earned 12.93.

05152017 g3

It is more than just the airbags. The frame of the car has improved so much since the 90s. The energy of the crash was absorbed by the well designed crush space. And the door was still able to be opened after the crash.

The 98 Carolla wasn’t so pretty. The crush space was pretty well crushed and so was the occupied space inside the passenger cabin.

05152017 g2

The message here is obvious. So many young drivers–those most at risk of driving distracted and getting in accidents like these–are taught to drive in older cars. The junkers are cheap. They’re easy to fix. They’re not precious to anyone except the teenagers driving them.

05152017 g1

And they’re deadly. The driver in the 98 Carolla would have been very badly hurt. Odd are that person wouldn’t have lived.

Check out the video and see for yourself. It might cost more to buy a newer car, but it seems well worth it.