He Gave Up His Seat to a Servicewoman. What Happened Next Will Make Your Day

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When a passenger on a flight noticed a servicewoman boarding the plan, he decided to take action to show his appreciation for her service. As the woman in uniform moved toward coach, the gentleman stood up and offered his first class seat, insisting it was hers before making his way to coach. And the good deeds didn’t stop there.


As reported by A Plus, Jessica Titus witnessed the event first hand as she was boarding the plane right behind the servicewoman. Titus wrote a post on Facebook, “On my flight Tuesday, I walked down the jetway behind a woman in uniform (Army). A man stood up from his 1st class seat and said, ‘Sorry ma’am, I’m in your seat.’”

The man then asked what the servicewoman ticket says. After expressing her surprise at the question, the servicewoman replied that she was in seat 31 B. He promptly left first class, headed into coach and took her assigned middle seat in coach.


Titus was moved by the man’s generosity and wanted to take action herself. She sent a note to seat 31 B with some money to allow the man to buy a snack or drink on her.


The note read, “Please accept a drink or snack on me. If everyone treated people the way you treated the servicewoman, the world would be a better place.”


Though the man ultimately declined to accept the money, Titus felt it was important to make an effort to recognize a good deed when she saw one.


The practice of giving up one’s first class seat to a military member isn’t new and may even be considered a somewhat regular occurrence. Often, the gesture is intended to show appreciation to members of the armed services as recognition for what they do.