Guy Gets Fired for Posting a Poop Meme on His Day Off

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No, this isn’t the next script for Ice Cube’s “Friday” films, though it could be. A worker was fired on his day off after he posted a meme about getting paid while pooping at work. The meme has been around the internet for years, but, apparently, his employer has been living under a rock.

Cody Hidalgo explained on a podcast that he was fired by his boss Andy for posting a poop meme on his day off. It’s not like he was at work scrolling through social media and posting it while he was at work. No, this was much more sinister to Andy — he felt personally attacked.

The meme in question shows Elmo sitting on a toilet with the caption reading: “Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that’s why I poop on company time.”

Not much to it. Cody thought he was posting a funny meme and went on about his day. It wasn’t until he received a text from his boss Andy informing him that he had been fired that he discover something was wrong.

He then posted the meme and a screenshot of the text messages showing he was fired because of the meme.

“We don’t make a dollar when your [sic] shitting all the time. Why don’t you stay home and do your sh*tting. I don’t like to play your bullshit games. Maybe theres a company out there that would put up with your games cause i won’t. Good luck!” Andy allegedly texted his employee.

Bewildered, Cody replied: “What are you talking about?” Andy, who legitimately seemed furious, replied: “Look on your Facebook page do you thing[sic] don’t get around?”

Cody questioned why his employer cared about what he posted on his social media account on his day off? His final text to his boss read: “It’s a meme Andy why are you doing this over a meme?”

Andy never responded back after that incident. But the internet being the internet, people found out who Cody’s employer was and review bombed their Facebook page.

Not surprisingly, Andy is called out in the negative reviews. This is why you never add your boss to Facebook. It simply creates too many problems.