Guy Cooks a Steak in a Pot of Hot Butter and it Looks Amazing [VIDEO]

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Human beings have been cooking meat for an awfully long time. A very long, long time. So coming across something new isn’t easy. Well here’s a new way to cook up a steak, brought to you by the YouTubers Cook With

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The video, called Butter Sous Vide Steak, might make you hungry. Odd are the vegans in our midst haven’t clicked on this link. The rest of us, those of us who aren’t afraid to sink our teeth into a good steak, will likely get a bit peckish.

The video begins with a healthy dose of clarified butter. By keeping the temperature low, you won’t brown the butter. You also won’t run the risk of searing the outside of the steak in the butter, either. How low? 122 degrees.

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The steak here appears to be a fat T-Bone. I’d guess it was 1.5″ thick. The steak goes into the melted butter–but not while wrapped in its plastic bag.

Sous-vide is French for “under vacuum.” The cooking method usually requires that food be cooked at a low temperature inside a vacuum sealed pouch. Cooking in this manner, low temperatures at longer times, is supposed to cook the food evenly while preserving the moisture.

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In this case, the butter is ensuring that the moisture remains. When you’re done with the butter, pull the steak and pat it dry.

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After 50 minutes, it is removed and seared. This searing process is important, as it is the last step to ensure there is no chance, whatsoever, of any bacteria remaining on the steak. It also gives a nice char to the fat and meat.

03292017 b6

It might be worth noting here that the steak comes out cooked more than some might like. Those who prefer that their steaks are rare might need a shorter butter bath.

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And let’s be honest. Cook With Meat has started with a fantastic cut of beef. That alone will ensure a good meal. There’s nothing wrong with meat and heat. Add in a gallon or so of clarified butter, and you are well on your way to a really tasty steak. And if you aren’t concerned that all of that is going clog your arteries, you do as Cook With Meat does and salt it like you would a Minnesota sidewalk.

I’d highly recommend you turn the volume down. While their taste in meat seems respectable, the music will kill your appetite.