Guy Calls Out Sheriff’s Office on Facebook. They Troll Him So Hard He Can’t Stop Apologizing

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UPDATE: A response to our post by the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office clarifies that the post mentioned here was written by Chief Deputy Lee Weems. You can see their full response post at the bottom of the article, and yes, we misspelled Oconee in this article originally. We know. Irony and what not.

Oconee County, GA Sheriff Scott Berry is in his seventh and final four year term as sheriff. He has won most of his races by decisive margins, has served as President of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association.

In short, Berry is a pretty popular lawman in his home county and across the state of Georgia.

Image 248

When you enjoy that kind of popularity and have served dutifully so for so long, you can dispense with some of the normal political correctness normally required of elected officials, and the Oconee County Sheriff Office’s Facebook page is perfect evidence of that.

Now, we’re not sure if Berry himself handles the day to day operations of the Facebook page or if it’s an office-wide effort, but it’s basically pure gold.

Most recently, whoever was manning the helm of the page had the pleasure of dealing with this super pleasant citizen who messaged the page:

Image 241

Well, it sounds like this citizen has a real problem with one the Office’s deputies. I wonder what’s going on here?

Image 242

Ah. Apparently he wanted Oconee County, SC, not GA. Simple mistake, an apology is in order surely on his part.

Image 243

It could have ended there, right? Well, one thing to keep in mind as you read this article. The OC Sheriff’s Office page is straight up savage when you message their page unsolicited.

Image 244

But wait, there’s more.

Image 245

Now at this point ole Mario has been thoroughly drug through the mud in the messages and we can just leave this where it stands, right? Another job well done.

Not good enough. The conversation was screen shot and shared to OC Sheriff’s Office’s 50,000+ Facebook fans.

Not only that, but they included this meme along with the screenshots:

Image 246

This was also a thinly veiled shot at ole Mario in another recent post:

Image 247

Straight up savagery.

UPDATE: Here is a post from the OC Facebook page regarding this article: