“Gangster” Tries to Taunt Police Department on Social Media. They Made Him Look Dumb With Their Tweet

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Police officers have been dealing with idiot teenagers as long as there have been teenagers. Or maybe as long as there have been police. My point is that some things never change. Take the example of this troubled youth who was doing a bit of showing off in front of a police SUV.

At least he thought it belonged to the police. It didn’t. This one belongs to the water department in Lawrence, Kansas.

Blake Albert tweeted the short video of himself blowing “smoke” near the utility vehicle and flashing a gang sign.

He tweeted the video and tagged the Lawrence Police Department. The assumption is that Albert might have thought he was getting away with something by so blatantly misbehaving in front of a police vehicle.

The Lawrence PD was gracious in their response.

“I’m sorry Blake, this is awkward, but that’s not a police car. You vaped in front of a water service vehicle. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯,” the police department tweeted.

The internet is still guessing what the sign meant, and most presume he was vaping and not exhaling anything inlegal in Kansas. But the net has weighed in on the tweet.

No aqua, no peace.

Don’t disrespect the taxman.

In all seriousness, miscreant youth and their teritroial markings have become an epic problem in this country.

This dude here is part of a gang called the “cribs.”

And this guy’s gotten so out of hand that many in his own gang consider him to be a bit extreme.

This one’s been flashing the same sign since the 60’s.

And rumor has it one gang has developed their own language. They don’t even have to speak to inform other members of what’s going down.