Four Sets of Twins Pull Epic Time Travel Prank on Unsuspecting Subway Riders

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Improv Everywhere, a comedy collective, is known for pulling positive pranks with the goal of startling and delighting strangers who are going about their days. One such prank involved four sets of identical twins, the concept of time travel, a lot of careful coordination and practice, and a ton of creativity.

The video of the prank, which was shared by Improv Everywhere in March 2016, featured the twins and random New York City subways passengers, according to a report by Rare.

In the footage, you see a man boarding the subway car and requesting money to help him finish building a time machine.

While it appears that at least one rider does help fund the time machine, many of the subway passengers laugh at the man’s request. “Okay bud, what did you smoke today?” asked one passenger.

At the next stop, a man gets on the car who looks like the first man but has a beard and longer hair. He represents himself as his “future self,” and begins trying to convince the first man not to build the time machine, claiming the future “is bleak.”

The second man even grabs the first, shouting, “Do not build the time machine. Do not build the time machine.”

“If you do, bad things will happen to us,” he adds. “Bad things will happen to the lovely people on this subway.”

As the subway train heads to more stops, two more people board, approaching their twins who are sat near the first man and attempting to convince him that building the time machine is not a good idea.

As the prank draws to a close, there are four sets of identical twins in the car.

By and large, the subway riders seem amused and delighted by the spectacle, and it was certainly a subway ride to remember.