Footage Shows Dog Ringing Doorbell at 2 AM After Being Locked Outside Accidentally

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Dogs typically let their owners know what they want. They let us know, for the most part, when they need to use the restroom or when they are hungry. One dog took this to the next level when he was locked outside late one night. Instead of barking or scratching at the door, he did the courteous thing — he rang the doorbell.

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Amusing doorbell footage captured a unique encounter outside a McDonough, Georgia, home Tuesday night. Chika, the family’s Labrador-mix, was accidentally left outside. As it t got later and later into the night, Chika grew more impatient.

Apparently deciding he could wait no more, Chika appeared on the doorbell’s security footage. She can be seen approaching the front door and looking all around the front patio.

The female dog then rushed toward the doorbell. Perhaps because of the glowing ring of the doorbell, Chika was enticed by it. The high energy dog then used her snout to push the doorbell. While she waited for the door to open, Chika scurried off to another part of the yard.

A few moments pass until Chika is back in the camera’s frame. The dog then hops back up towards the doorbell and uses her paw to push it. At 2 a.m. Robert Fox, Angelia Fox and their son Gavin Cooper were all sleeping when they heard the doorbell.

Robert proceeded to answer the door, only to be met by his loving dog Chika. He quickly realized he had accidentally left her out earlier in the night when he was locking the house up.

Chika has been applauded for her quick thinking and her skill at ringing the doorbell as it led to her ultimate goal — getting back inside. If only we can teach our dogs other menial tasks to complete, our lives would be so much easier.