Firefighters Unleashed a Secret Weapon to Save the Reagan Presidential Library

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Numerous fires have engulfed Simi Valley, California, leaving behind a trail of destruction and heartache. Thousands of homes and businesses were evacuated. The most prominent structure of concern was the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library which has stood there since 1991. All day Wednesday over 700 firefighters fought the ever-growing flames back successfully. They say they had a little help from some unlikely companions.

CNN reported that a “herd of as many as 500 goats” were allowed to graze the hillside that comes right up to the doorsteps of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library since earlier this year.

In essence, the grazing of the goats created a natural firebreak, which stopped the fast-moving blaze dead in its tracks. This allowed the firefighters to regain ground and get the blaze under control.

When asked, the staff at the library explained that they use a company called 805 Goats for this very reason. According to The Daily Wire, the company is based in Los Angelas and charges $1,000 for its “goats services.”

“We actually worked with the Ventura County fire department in May and they bring out hundreds of goats to our property,” Melissa Giller, a spokesperson for the library, said. “The goats eat all of the brush around the entire property, creating a fire perimeter.”

Giller said the firefighters indicated that the goats did help them contain the blaze. “One of the firefighters mentioned that they do believe the goats’ fire line helped them fight this fire. They just proved today how useful they really are.”

All Reagan Library staff were evacuated Wednesday when the fire inched closer and closer to their hillside. More than five thousand homes were mandatorily evacuated as well. Police officials stated that 10 people were also arrested for sneaking back into the evacuation zone.

Firefighters have finally begun to get a handle on the fire now that severe winds have subsided. An investigation into the fire determined faulty electrical equipment from the city’s local power grid was at fault.