Feel Like a Super Spy by Converting Your Dirt Bike to Hit the Slopes

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For those who ever imagined hitting the slopes on a motorcycle, an experience reminiscent of James Bond or Jason Bourne, Polaris’ Timbersled has you covered. The tech transforms dirt bikes into snow bikes that can deep snow and steep mountain inclines with ease, making them fit for special operations combat, winter warfare, or just some fun in the snow.

Just recently made available to civilians, Timbersled is a system that allows dirt bikes to be converted into snow-capable vehicles.

According to Fox News, the installation process takes less than an hour, and the Timbersled system is compatible with a range of dirt bikes and motocross vehicles that were manufactured over the past 25 years.

The system involves replacing the front tire with a ski and the rear tire with a track, allowing the updated bike to handle not just trails, but deep snow in remote locations far from the beaten path.

Timbersleds are ideal for winter warfare since they allow military forces to experience the same advantages offered by motorcycles, when compared to larger vehicles, but in a snow-covered environment.

The snow bikes ensure teams aren’t limited to standard roads and trails when crossing various terrains, and could potentially be used for anything from surveillance and reconnaissance to sprinting towards an enemy.

There are multiple variants of the Timbersled system, allowing riders to select the options that best suits their needs, though not all of them are compatible with every bike.

The systems also cost a pretty penny, with even the less expensive versions coming in at nearly $2,000. However, dirt bike and motocross aficionados likely won’t be too put off by the price tag, especially when compared to the cost of purchasing a snowmobile.