Father’s Blinker Fluid Prank Teaches Girls Hilarious Life Lesson [VIDEO]

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Parents. We’ve all had them. Some of us still do. Few display the merciless cunning of the father in this video. He had his daughter convinced that her car was running low on “blinker fluid.” To introduce her to the wonders of the auto parts store, he sent her in to ask for some.

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What ensues is, of course, funny. At least for us. We get to see the aftermath. It was likely funny for the workers in the auto parts store, too, once they deduced what was afoot.

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Yet, as I mentioned, this father is working on an advanced degree in hi-jinx. Not only has he asked his daughter to pick up some blinker fluid, he has also asked that they find a fresh bucket of steam. And he’s made a coupon for the blinker fluid, too. It looked real enough to foo his daughters.

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“There is no such thing as blinker fluid!” the older girl proclaims as she climbs back in the car.

“All of them were laughing at us!”

Their reaction is really what sells the video. There’s a lesson here, too. It is deeper. And maybe it takes a parent to recognize the teachable moment. It is inherent in the very task he has sent them on.

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This is a fool’s errand. And it only works because these two girls who obviously use cars regularly, have no understanding about how they work. They’ve not stopped to think through basics, like the simple fact that blinkers are actually blinking lights.

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We’ll ignore the rather rudimentary understanding of states of matter. Steam, at room temperature… well. We have a word for that, too. We call it water.

Teach your children well, as the song says. And build in them both a healthy curiosity about things they ordinarily take for granted, and the wisdom necessary not to be easily suckered.