Father of Three Shows Off Insane Physique After Impressive Weight Loss

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We’re always looking for ways to get in the best shape possible. But, as we know, the older we get, the harder it is to keep the pounds off. One 40-year-old dad was tired of his excessive weight holding him back in life, so he decided to do something about it.

Jeremiah Peterson weighed 290 pounds when he was at his heaviest, which was 100 pounds overweight, according to the father of three. He, like thousands of others throughout the world, started a keto diet, which is very low-carb, high-fat diet.

Peterson, who is a Montana native, explained that he saw immediate results by simply cleaning up his diet. It “made such a tremendous change in how I felt almost immediately,” Peterson told Men’s Health.

It wasn’t long until he cut out alcohol entirely and began to exercise daily. Peterson didn’t take the traditional route of exercise in a gym, but, instead, he hiked the same mountain that he’d always hiked as a child.

“I hiked every morning and every evening with my dog in the mountains that I loved so much as a kid growing up,” he told “I lost the weight just doing what I love. I know it sounds simple and it is, really it is.”

As he began to see the weight shed before his eyes, Peterson began to take it a step further by lifting hand weights on his lunch break. Ironically, Peterson and his wife, who was a yoga instructor when they met, were huge into fitness until they had their first child.

It got to the point where they opted to get out of the fitness business in order to raise a family. Slowly, but surely, Peterson put on more and more weight as his previous fitness-filled life fell to the wayside.

Now, Peterson is in the best shape of his life, losing all his excess weight. He now uses Instagram as a platform to promote a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.