Father and Son Give Deer Hunter Earful For Shooting Deer [VIDEO]

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A video posted online shows a father and son approaching a deer hunter in his truck. The two are angry at the hunter for the simple reason that he appears to be about to begin a hunt. The son, who had a hard time understanding the premise of death, was irate at the hunter for his willingness to kill an animal.

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The incident took place on October 20, outside a neighborhood in New York. The video begins with the father and son walking up to Dominick Lobifaro, a hunter who was sitting in his truck. The father can be heard asking the Lobifaro: “Hey, the kids want to know why you kill deer?”

The 30-year-old hunter calmly explained how he eats the animal. The son quickly retorted to the hunter by yelling: “What did the deer ever do to you?”

Lobifaro tried to reason with the angry father and son by explaining they are hypocritical as they eat meat that was killed by someone else and placed in the supermarket. The son, who was cursing up a storm, didn’t seem to understand the flaw in his rational. He doesn’t want to have animals killed, but he is still eating animals for food.

The father and son called 911 before walking over and having words with the hunter, Unilad reported. In turn, Lobifaro called the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Police.

The son had little knowledge of what he was attacking this man for and seemed to be acting on pure emotion. Lobifaro even tried to give a word of advice to the father saying, “you need to explain to them that it’s part of life,” regarding in the death of animals.

The son quickly responded back by asking the hunter if he would like it if his pet were to be killed. The tense war of words ended as quickly as it started as the father and son walked away a minute and a half into the conversation.

As the duo was walking back to their home, the son told the hunter: “Leave! Now! You’re an asshole! F*ck you!”

An officer for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Police showed up after the video ended and explained what Lobifaro was doing was “100% legal” as he had all his paperwork in order.