Employee was Terminated While on Sick Leave. He Got the Restaurant Shut Down the Next Day.

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A man took to Reddit to detail how he got a restaurant he used to work for shut down after he was terminated while in the hospital on medical leave. To further his credibility, the employee shared text messages and various pictures of how he took down the restaurant, leaving the regional manager with a $7,000 fine.

The Redditor started off by explaining how he was a cook for a “well-known breakfast chain,” which we later see from pictures is iHop.

The cook, who reportedly worked 60-70 hours a week, felt ill, with a pain in his side. Concerned, the employee went to his boss, who was just transferred to their restaurant, to ask about leaving early to go to the hospital. According to the employee, his “power-hungry boss” informed him he would be fired if he left his shift two hours early.

Not wanting to lose his job, the employee toughed it out until he got off at 2 a.m. and proceeded to the hospital. When he arrived at the hospital, a scan revealed he was suffering from an “inflamed appendix.”

He informed his boss at 3 a.m. that he would be unable to attend work the following day since he was headed to surgery. Angered, his boss demanded he find someone to cover his shift.

To further ease his boss’s mind, the employee sent pictures showing he was indeed in the hospital and not just lying about it. Two weeks passed since his surgery as there were minor complications.

He headed directly to his job only to be informed that he had been fired for a “no call, no show.” The cook explained that he had kept the boss in the loop about his illness with pictures and doctor forms. Begrudgingly, the boss decided to give the employee another chance.

Later that night, when the employee showed up for his shift, he was told he’d be training another employee. One of the nighttime managers, a friend of his, told him his boss was planning on firing him tomorrow morning, and he was training his replacement.

After the nighttime manager sent the new employee home early, the cook began taking pictures of everything that would be considered a health violation.

The following morning, the cook was told he was being fired. When he asked why, his boss stated he was a “lazy worker who always complained that they had hours.”

After being fired, the employee proceeded directly to the health department office and submitted 20 plus pictures, accompanied by a seven paragraph write up. The inspector showed up at the restaurant the following morning and the fired cook woke up to text from his former boss calling him a “snitch.”

Since he was the only food-safety permitted worker in the restaurant, the regional manager was fined $7,000, and the restaurant, which was a franchise location, was closed until it could be cleaned and inspected again.

The franchise owner apparently didn’t want to deal with the hassle of it all, so he closed the restaurant permanently. Sometimes the employee loses the battle but wins the war.