Elementary Teacher Showing Her Students the Proper Way to Wipe Has Gone Viral [VIDEO]

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Teachers play a large part in shaping the lives of their students and who they will become in the future. Young children are highly impressionable and can often mimic behavior they see but do not yet understand. One elementary teacher has taken the internet by storm after she showed her class the proper way to wipe one’s butt.

With help from two red balloons, the unnamed teacher is seen in the video showing her students how to properly wipe after they use the restroom. The teacher is explaining how you want to wipe from the front-to-back.

The balloons were the perfect way to illustrate a restroom visit while still keeping it school friendly. The video clip of this simple premise immediately went viral with over 165,000 likes and over 50,000 retweets.

The comment section from the video left many divided on the issue. Some question why this needed to be taught in school, while other parents applauded the children being taught.

One user found comedy in the premise of the two red balloons. “I’m putting ballons in the bathroom, pronto. They make everything festive!”

Another took a more somber tone when speaking his mind on the matter. “Seriously, this should be taught at home.”

Some suggested that it could be useful. “That’s left up to parents but a lot of parents today and this generation let electronics and other influence and raise their kids to be worthless.”

One woman said what needed to be said. “I don’t see how this is bad at all lol. Some kids do not wipe right and that’s a fact.”

Amanda Jenner, a children’s behavioral expert, spoke to Bored Panda to give her take on the controversial topic.

“I think it’s very important for the parents to teach this at home initially, but this does take little ones a while to get this right,” she said.

“I see no harm in a teacher demonstrating in the way this particular teacher has done. Children really adapt to visual demonstrations and I also think this is giving the message that we can talk openly about our bodily functions and not to be ashamed about it.”

What are your thoughts about teaching children in school how to wipe?