Diver Gets Face Full of Ink After Trying to Touch Octopus [VIDEO]

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As northern states were getting hammered by a cold front, many people have decided to forgo the cold and come to states in the south, where people are wearing shorts and going to the beach on Christmas Eve. One man who decided to enjoy some fun in the sun got an amusing video to bring home of himself.

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Video of a man named Mario diving in the waters located off the coast of Delray Beach, Florida has gone viral for a funny encounter between him and an octopus. Mario is seen swimming towards a small octopus around 3 pm on Christmas Eve.

As he approaches the soft-bodied, eight-armed creature, Mario tries to reach out and touch the octopus, who obviously doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Mario must have an eagle eye as the octopus was camouflaged to blend in with the tan sand surrounding itself. As he glides towards the octopus, he puts his hand out to touch it only to have it dash away, leaving behind a blob of ink.

Mario didn’t seem to be phased too much by it as he begins to head up towards the surface before the video ends.

According to the Guardian, octopuses get their ink from suspended thick mucus that contains bodily waste. They have special organs that produce their defense mechanism.

As they produce more and more ink, octopuses store the ink in sacs of their body that are readily available whenever a predator gets too close.

The octopus vanished from the screen within the blink of an eye. Ocean Conservancy reported that octopus can exceed the speed of 25 miles per hour if they are running away from a predator.

Mario may have felt embarrassed at the moment but this will be an amusing video he can show friends and family for the years to come.