Officer and Citizen Take Cover on Top of Police Car During Attack

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A sheriff’s office deputy in El Reno, Oklahoma sprang into action when he saw a man fleeing down the street as he was being chased by two pit bulls. The man was running backward and screaming, using a jacket to keep the two dogs at bay. The deputy, who was driving by, quickly pulled over to offer assistance.

Barrett Storm, the Canadian County Deputy, parked his car as soon as he came across the scene and exited his vehicle. As the man came closer, he and Storm jumped onto the hood of the Storm’s cruiser in an effort to avoid the dogs.

Once on top of the car, Storm used his baton to maintain the attention of the two pit bulls, hitting the vehicle with the baton to keep them from wandering away. Storm continued to keep the dogs focused on the car until animal control arrived on the scene and was able to contain the pit bulls.

No one was injured by the dogs while they were loose, and the owners were later cited for allowing them to run at large.

The Canadian County Sheriff’s Office posted on social media about the incident, showing appreciation for Storm’s actions.

Other social media users also commented on the story, with many expressing admiration for Storm and his choice not to fire upon or harm the dogs while defusing the situation. However, many expressed a desire for stricter punishment for the owners, as the incident did take place near a school and could have turned out differently had the pit bulls pursued a child.

h/t Cooking Panda