Couple Agree to Adopt Dying Neighbors Kids But They’re In For a Bigger Surprise [VIDEO]

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Medical advances are helping many fight and overcome cancer. The stories of survival can be amazing. Yet there are still many stories that don’t end well, and that’s where this story begins.

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When Audrey, a single mother in Las Vegas, found out she had cancer, she began looking for worst-case-scenario options for her three children. She knew her prognosis wasn’t good, and wanted to keep a her children’s’ lives as normal and routine as possible.

Audrey had esophageal and stomach cancer. And she didn’t live long. Before she died, she turned to a neighbor. Her kids were close to the neighbors’ kids. So she made an incredible request. She asked the neighbors, who already had five kids, if they would adopt her three kids.

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Tisha, the mother of 5, agreed. She’d grown up in foster care, and has a soft spot for kids in need. Though she didn’t know her neighbor very well, she stepped in and took over when Audrey passed away.

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Having 8 kids must have been a significant change. Though the kids were accustomed to spending the night at each others’ houses, there wasn’t really room for them to move in. There were sharing not only bedrooms, but beds. Some were sleeping in common areas, others in recliners.

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And the added expense of feeding and clothing the new family members was also something to contend with. Both of the new parents work in the casino industry in Las Vegas, but were not making enough money to move to a larger house or to pay for renovations to the one they lived in.

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And those renovations were mandatory. In order to adopt the kids, there were physical changes needed in some of the rooms. That’s when a local fox television crew stepped in.

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The ‘Fox5 Surprise Squad’ put together the emotionally charged video below. It is a heart wrenching story. While the loss of their mother may keep some from calling this a happy ending, the new family of 10 is off to a good start. It is a longer video, but well worth the viewing time.