Company’s Invisibility Shield Would Make Even Harry Potter Jealous [VIDEO]

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Every kid has probably wished for supernatural powers like invisibility. It would allow you to go anywhere and do anything with practically no repercussions. Sadly, it has always seemed that such power is only for the characters in books and movies, right? But what if every day people could have the ability to be invisible?

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A Canadian camouflage manufacturer called Hyperstealth Biotechnology has filed patents on its invisibility shield. This “Quantum Stealth” technology is considered groundbreaking in the industry as you can place the material in front of you and not be seen from the other side.

So, how does it work? Well, by using already preestablished technology like lenticular lenses, which is nothing more than 3D DVD covers, the company is able to use an “inexpensive and paper-thin” material to bend light.

In essence, this will allow an individual to sit behind the material and not be seen by anyone. The real selling point of this technology is it doesn’t require power, which opens up its possibilities exponentially as it can be used day or night.

Hyperstealth CEO Guy Cramer posted several videos online showcasing the product and what it can do that makes it unique. In the video, there are several instances where Cramer is using the material in the form of a riot shield.

According to Unilad, Cramer began creating this technology back in 2010. In an effort to speed up the process, he has begun working with military contractors as their pockets run deep and would allow for more testing and research.

IFLScience wrote an in-depth piece to explain the technology behind the revolutionary material Cramer and his company have created.

“The principle is known as Snell’s law. Every material has a specific refractive index, a quantity related to the speed of light in that material compared to the speed of light in a vacuum,” the IFLScience piece reads.

“You can see the effect easily. Get a glass of water and put a spoon in it. It will appear bent. The same effect makes pools appear shallower than they are. When light moves between two materials, the angle at which it is moving will change depending on the refractive index. So by being clever with materials it is possible to construct something that has a blindspot. And that’s where the invisibility happens.”

As cliche as it sounds, the future is now.