Company Produces Humorous Line of Soaps Designed to ‘Make You Laugh’ While Getting You Clean

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The minds behind Whiskey River Soap Co. created a unique line of soaps and other scented products with funny names designed to target specific people and problems. From introverts to geeks, and for those suffering from writer’s block or the trappings of being a middle child, this company has you covered.

At Whiskey River Soap Co., they focus on creating products that “smell great and hopefully make you laugh.” None of their offerings, which include soaps, bath bombs, and candles, are massed produced and are, instead, made in house.

The names of the scents are intended to be humorous, tongue in cheek and, possibly, a little controversial. Some of the available options include “Crazy Exes,” “Creepy Uncles,” “Day Drinking,” “Fake News,” and “Evil Dictators.”

Many of the scents also appear to be a bit outside of the box, including “Bake & Bathe,” which is described as smelling like “weed brownie,” and “Awkward Moments,” which is said to be “sketchy ointment scented.”

Other scents border on the traditional, such as “Frenemies,” which is labeled as lemongrass and sage, and “First World Problems,” listed as almonds.

With a very wide selection, most people are likely able to find something that describes their current life experiences, or those of someone they know.

h/t Bored Panda