Company Allows You to Anonymously Send Someone a Chocolate Dick

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Whether you want to play a prank on a friend or have an ax to grind and want some discrete revenge, one company understands your goals and is here to help. Dick At Your Door allows customers to purchase and mail chocolate dicks to anyone, and they will make sure you remain anonymous.

Dick At Your Door charges as little as $20, giving you a chance to send the edible prank directly to your friends or enemies.

While the boxes seem innocent enough on the surface, not giving away anything about the content, once opened, the recipient is greeted with the message, “eat a dick,” along with the chocolate creation.

According to a report by Unilad, Dick At Your Door was launched in 2014 by founder Adam Hascall. Originally, the confections were produced in his garage with the help of a friend and were only sent to their pals.

“Dick At Your Door started when a buddy found a silicone penis mold at a random sex shop on a cross-country drive,” said Hascall

“My buddy and I thought it would be hilarious to send chocolate dicks in the mail to our friends,” he continued. “We eventually threw up a website to continue the prank and people started reaching out that weren’t our friends. That was the light bulb moment for us.”

“From there it was perfecting the molding process, finding a real chocolatier (and eventually becoming chocolatiers ourselves), building a secure website that was legit and going forth into the world of dicks and chocolate making,” Hascall added.

On the site, the company confirms that the sender’s identity remains anonymous.

The website’s disclaimer makes it clear that the treats are not supposed to be sent maliciously. Instead, the chocolate treats are supposed to be gag gifts.

However, you can send the chocolate appendages – which are made with vegan chocolate – to anyone you choose, and without the recipient learning your name.