Comedian Brings Kangaroo on Stage and Taunts It. Then the Animal Attacks [VIDEO]

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What would motivate anyone to bring a feral animal on stage during a rap concert? Even animal visits conducted by trained handlers on relatively calm talk shows often end in chaos. So it would seem imprudent to bring a kangaroo to the show Friday, and it was.

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Mike Epps, an actor and comedian best known for his work in the Hangover movies, brought a kangaroo on stage in Detroit on Friday night. Skippy, the kangaroo in question, wasn’t amused. In fact, Skippy seemed quite agitated, and punched Epps.

The 47-year-old actor tried to shrug it off, but the social media experts jumped on him, describing the treatment of Skippy as animal abuse.

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Epps was performing at the Festival of Laughs comedy show. The video shows the kangaroo and his handler coming on stage. Skippy seemed nervous, and Epps was attempting to coax the kangaroo into some kind of action. That’s when Skippy popped him.

Epps then ran off stage. It wasn’t clear if he’d been seriously hurt, or had just gotten a kangaroo version of a slap, but it took him a few minutes to come back on stage.

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TMZ reported that Epps had grabbed the animal for a photo op, and that the handler had to pick up the kangaroo in order to carry the frightened animal off the stage.

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Javon Stacks, the handler, had the proper paperwork for the animal. Epps, who didn’t respond well to the criticism from internet experts, snapped back. “Yeah what’s the problem? Look how nice I am to him,” Epps wrote in a caption to a video he posted.

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Those who know kangaroos consider the marsupial punch to have been the least violent self-defense option available to the kangaroo. Epps is lucky that he didn’t get kicked.