Cartoonist Pokes Fun at Literature Classics with 15 Clever Drawings

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It should come as little surprise that reading classic literature is not on many people’s to-do lists these days. Instead, we would rather watch television or other mediums for entertainment. A cartoonist, John Atkinson, decided to mix his specialties of drawing and his love for classic literature and meld it into 15 hilarious cartoons.

His illustration book “Wrong Hands” covers various classics such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Shakespeare and Stephen King. A quick side note: These are not meant to be alternatives for those tasked with reading these novels for school. Trust me, you will fail if you use this for a book report.

Alright, now that we have the formalities out of the way, let’s jump into it.

Truly everyone does seem to die in classic literature. Well, it’s safe to say this is where Game of Throne got the idea to kill anybody that ever mattered. No season 8, though. That season does not exist.

Atkinson spoke to Bored Panda about how he became a cartoonist. “I’ve always loved to draw even as a young child,” he said. “I studied Fine Art at University and after spectacularly failing as a famous artist, took up graphic design. The cartooning is a more recent endeavor.”

They should add these abridged versions in school textbooks. Just to see if kids are even paying attention.

The process of books being turned into films seems to have finally slowed, thankfully, as most of these were terrible. Except for Harry Potter, that was a great adaptation.

Not sure why, but the covers cartoon makes me laugh the most. Perhaps because it’s so simple. It just works.