This Tire Company Commercial is Going Insanely Viral [VIDEO]

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Canada isn’t notorious for its production of viral content. This commercial from Canadian Tire (which is more like a Wal-mart than a tire store) is going wild. And for good reason.

03062017 d4

[Scroll Down for Video]

This video spot has been circulating widely lately, and for all of the right reasons. It is full of kids making good choices. The production value is top-notch. The cinematography even lends a subtle haziness to the footage that gives off an almost nostalgic air of times gone by.

03062017 d3

Even the soundtrack, which is Seattle folk singer Bryan John Appleby’s song “Honey Jars,” seems perfect for the moment.

It was originally posted back in September. Canadian Tire, the company behind the message, isn’t using the spot to sell tires. It looks more like a not-so-subtle reminder to their neighbors to the south that being inclusive is a good thing.

I’ll stop here, and as that you scroll on down to the video and watch it. If I tell you anything more, it will spoil the whole thing. No one likes spoilers. To mark your place, I’ll put in an image of a tire. Go watch the video and then come back.

03062017 d1

The commercial is exceptionally well crafted, emotionally. The new kid seems like he’s being left out. Then the image of the basketball on the porch melts the hardest heart. And when he rounds the corner and sees all of his new friends riding around on their homemade wheel chairs…. Just perfect.

03062017 d5

With all of the stress we Americans have been feeling about immigration lately, this commercial really hits home. The kids are as welcoming as they can be. And the commercial skillfully crafts a world where we genuinely believe they’re all really enjoying the challenges they’re imposing on themselves.

03062017 d2

This is the way the world is supposed to be. It isn’t this way, but it could be. Everyone has been the outsider at some point. We’ve all been the new kid. Some of us never overcome those feelings.

I’m still not sure what it has to do with selling tires, but I guess I don’t much care, either.