Budweiser’s 2018 Super Bowl Commercial Will Tug at the Heart Strings [VIDEO]

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With the Super Bowl taking place next weekend, companies are excitedly awaiting the airing of their commercials which will be viewed by millions of people during the event. In recent years, many companies made their spots memorable using humor and sarcasm, but Budweiser decided to take a different approach this year using a heartwarming video to represent their brand.

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The commercial, which is called “Stand By You,” shows Budweiser’s actual employees producing water for those affected by the national disasters that occurred in 2017. Communities affected by hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Maria all received assistance from Budweiser.

The ad is set to a song sung by Skylar Grey, and a portion of her earnings for the single will be donated to the American Red Cross. The ad shows Kevin Fahrenkrog, General Manager of the Cartersville brewery, getting a call to go into the distillery early in the morning in the wake of a national disaster.

The distillery is shown stopping production of all alcohol products in order to begin placing much needed water into containers instead. According to Time, Budweiser has given away 79 millions cans of water in the past three decades.

Ricardo Marques, Budweiser’s Vice President of Marketing, explained the rationale for the commercial. “It’s a real story,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “It’s about our people. We don’t have actors in this spot. We only have the passion of it.”

Fahrenkrog talked about his starring role in the ad. “When we have these natural disasters there are many needs,” he said. “And you know that one small thing that we can do is to provide clean, safe drinking water.”

This year’s ad will be Budweiser’s 29th year advertising during the Super Bowl. They have had decades of success creating a commercial that people talk about for weeks after the event.

Sports Illustrated reported that a 30-second ad for this year’s Super Bowl will cost an estimated $5 million. In years past, Budweiser has released multiple ads during the Super Bowl.

Here’s a sneak peak at this year’s commercial.