Boy Suffering From Cerebral Palsy Wins Halloween with Epic Costume [VIDEO]

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Anthony Alfano, a nine-year-old, with born with cerebral palsy and lives a life neither he, nor his parents, expected. Anthony’s parents assist him in every aspect of his life – washing him, feeding him, even helping him go to the restroom. He doesn’t want to be seen as someone with special needs, so when Halloween rolls around the nine-year-old’s father helps him out.

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“He’s always seen as Anthony the boy that can’t do nothing,” Anthony’s father, Tony, said about his son. “I just want to make him not be seen that way.” Every year the father and son duo recreate popular culture icons in ingenious ways.

Previously, Anthony dressed up as Mini-Me, a Chicago Blackhawks goalie, a Lincoln Memorial snow globe and Zoltar, the robot fortune teller.

But this year’s costume may very well top all years prior. Tony went out to recreate the popular scene of the waiting room in “Beetlejuice,” complete with two mannequins ghouls.

To really sell the premise of the film, Tony even created his own “Betelgeuse” lawn sign that lights up.

Each costume is made from scratch, and this one was no different. Using an old couch the family had, Tony was able to use that to create the waiting room scene. Since his son is unable to walk and must use a wheelchair, Tony made room in the couch to go around his son’s wheelchair.

“It’s a nice break from the everyday watching other kids run down the block, kick a ball … play with their friends. You can tell he wishes he could do those things,” Deanna, Tony’s mother, said.

“It feels like this was kind of like our purpose to bring Anthony into people’s lives and homes and to brighten their day and put a smile on their face,” she added.

The Chicago natives are a big hit with the kids in the surrounding areas. “He has like a stigma for having special needs. So this is a way that they look at him and they see this like bright, happy kid and it makes them feel good; in return puts a smile on his face when he gets all the attention.”