Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon Reading Bad Yelp Reviews is the Most Entertaining Thing You Will See All Day [VIDEO]

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Stand-up comedian Aziz Ansari isn’t new to doing funny voice-overs, so when he appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” to promote the second season of his hit comedy show Master of None, it was apparent from the start that the audience and viewers were in for a treat.


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Fallon decided since Ansari was a comedian, he could bring some life to the reading of bad Yelp reviews, a segment Fallon does regularly on his show.

The basic premise of the segment, for those of you who don’t watch Fallon’s late night show, is Fallon doing voiceovers from the bad reviews left by customers on Yelp. In this one, Ansari is the manager/owner of the establishment responding to the bad reviews his company received.


The segment starts out with the average bad reviews restaurants and clubs receive. “I’ve never been a fan of this place, and I don’t get why people like it or why my friends insist on coming here frequently,” Fallon read. “The drinks are overpriced. The service is hit or miss. The menu is very basic. I’ve never had a good meal despite having been here 7 times.”


Ansari shows off his comedic voiceover chops by quickly taking the form of the manager who wrote this response. “Let me help you out here buddy. If your friends like it, and people keep suggesting you come here, and they all have a good time and enjoy the food,” Ansari passionately read.


“And they somehow find a way to afford the sky high prices and brave the onslaught of hit or miss service….what are the odds that you have no freakin’ idea what you’re talking about? By the way…have you heard of our loyalty program.”


Next up? A Yelp review for a dentist. Yeah that’s right, a dentist.

“Dr. Goldman’s tableside manner…god, it’s awful. She actually made me cry with shame because of a cavity I had. The last time she recommended a DVD to watch, I was taken aback by the many scenes that took place inside a strip club. Many topless women prancing all around.”


Ansari comes in with one of his best voiceovers from the entire segment. “Okay Laura, the movie is always picked by the patient, and we offer a variety of PG movies,” he explained.

“Since you are over 18 we offered an “R” rated one, which I explained had nudity, and you said that was ‘not a problem,’ looks like there’s holes in your story and your teeth.”


If you get burned by your own dentist, maybe you shouldn’t be making Yelp reviews. Check out the full video below for all the laughs.