AR-15 Gun Owner Buys First AK… Fails Miserably. Blames Seller.

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The stupid… it burns! This is what happens when someone claims to be AK expert and buys an AK off Armslist, while actually not knowing a thing about the iconic rifle.

The exchange was posted to a private Facebook group known simply as AK-47 and is the experience of one of the groups members in what should have been a simple Armslist transaction.

The original post read, “I sold this guy my 7.62 saiga. You might get a kick out of these messages”.


Buyer: F*&*ing thing keeps jamming

Seller: It it not ejecting? Not feeding right? What type of ammo? I have honestly never had any type of misfire or jam

Buyer: Won’t feed ammo correctly. 5.56 right?

Seller: 7.62

Buyer: What’s that?

Seller: 7.62×39

Buyer: Never heard of it

Seller: That’s what caliber that rifle is

Buyer: You told me it was an AK

Buyer: According to Google Saiga AKs take 5.56×45 ammo

Seller: That is 7.62. It is stamped on the receiver


Buyer: I’m gonna stamp your f*&*ing head

Seller: What the hell is your problem

Buyer: I have a gun I can’t use

Seller: Get the correct ammo and you can.

Seller: I seriously cant tell if you’re joking around here? I thought you said you were familiar with ak’s

Buyer: No one f*#*in sells it you half wit

Seller: Every gunshop? Walmart? Jesus christ.


Buyer: The ones that shoot 5.56 I am

Seller: Before you come at me with a childish attitude you need to do your research, be familiar with what your receiver says, hell it even said 7.62 on my armslist ad. 7.62×39 is an extremely common round found anywhere

Buyer: There aren’t any wal marts around me. Jesus don’t sell ammo either you sacrilegious c***.

Buyer: I don’t want to f###in commie caliber gun

Seller: Nice talking to ya man. Enjoy the rifle

Seller: I’m not 10 years old

Buyer: You just wait

Seller: What’s that supposed to mean?

Buyer: I’ll find the right ammo

That was the last message for the night, making it seem like this little roller coaster should be coming to an end.


He resumes early the next morning with yet another ammo issue for his newly acquired AK rifle.

Buyer: Still don’t work. Picked up some 7.62 and it’s too big now.

Seller: You probably got 7.62×51 or 7.62×54

Buyer: Dude at Wal mart said it would work

Seller: Don’t take a walmart employees word for anything lol


Buyer: You about to take this dick if you don’t fix this s***.

Seller: I’m not going to help you at all if you keep talking to me like that

Buyer: I want my money back

Seller: Go get the right ammo

Buyer: Tell you what… you buy me some so I know what to get and we’ll call it even. K?

Seller: I sent you a picture

Buyer: That’s what I bought asshole

Seller: I’m not even wasting my time trying to help anymore. You’re a douche

Buyer: Your*

Seller: No. You’re. You’re means you are.