Animal Shelter Dog Is on Tinder Looking for the Perfect Match

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We are all looking for our perfect match, be it a human or, in this case, a dog. After having trouble finding a suitable home for a three-year-old dog in their shelter, one animal shelter worker thought of an ingenious idea to help find a perfect home for him — match him up on Tinder.

Miranda Morrison, who works at Animal Ark Rescue in Columbus, Georgia, had trouble trying to find Henry a home. “He’s been adopted and returned,” she explained. “He was adopted once by a 20-something year old, but she found out she was pregnant a week later and had to return him back.”

According to his Tinder profile, Henry is an outdoor dog who recently graduated obedience school and works at the Good Boy Corporation. The Coonhound mix, Henry, is looking for a mate who loves to go outdoors and swim.

Just to sweeten the deal, Morrison wrote a few fun facts about Henry. “I’m a connoisseur of squeaky toys, house trained, and know basic obedience.”

Morrison originally came up with the unorthodox method of finding potential suitors for Henry when she was brainstorming about who would be an ideal owner for the “really active, outdoorsy” Henry, according to ABC News.

Henry has been at the shelter since 2015, and she thought he deserved the chance to find that one great person who’d take him on hikes and play with him. She put a few disclaimers on Henry’s Tinder profile explaining Henry is not a big fan of small children.

“He’s nervous around small children, so [we figured, he’d be great for] someone who doesn’t have small kids and isn’t planning on it in the future — perhaps college-aged people,” Morrison said.

When asked why she couldn’t just adopt Henry herself, she explained her better half wouldn’t let her as they already have a gaggle of dogs running around. “My husband won’t let me, I’ve tried,” she said. “We have four dogs. He’s ‘No! No more dogs!'”

Henry has only been on the market since Dec.29 and already has 22 matches. Here’s to hoping Henry finds his perfect match this year.