An 8-Year-Old Touches Homeless Veterans’ Lives With ‘Hero Bags’ [VIDEO]

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An 8-year-old boy is being applauded for recognizing heroes who are down on their luck. Tyler Stallings couldn’t comprehend the idea that veterans were homeless and unable to live on their own without help from others. He originally wanted to build them houses, but as a kid he knew that wasn’t going to happen. So he did the next best thing.

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Stallings began using his money and asking others for funds via a GoFundMe page to create what he calls “hero bags.”

“He saw videos of veterans holding signs to no one responding to their cry for help and he thought this isn’t right. He didn’t like it,” said Andrea Blackstone, the boy’s mother. “He asked me, ‘If they’re heroes why should they be on the street?'”

Depending on the season, these bags consist of several helpful items such as hats, gloves, blanket, lip balm, a sweater, toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap for the winter months.

“Doing something special for veterans began after I started asking my mom why some veterans are homeless,” Stallings said. “After talking to my mom, I really wanted to help build homes for veterans but together we decided on a more realistic goal. We came up with an idea to make hygiene and grooming kits with thank you cards to give to veterans in need. I call them Hero Bags!”

The young boy was only four years old when he found out some veterans were homeless or struggling, CNN reported. Stallings always looked up to the older members in his family who served, so he thought these “hero bags” would really help.

Four years have passed since Stallings began giving out his “hero bags” and asking for donations. He has used over $50,000 in donations to help hand out over 3,000 bags, according to the boy’s mother Andrea Blackstone.

“Anything people can do to help them with items on their wish lists, that’s where people like Tyler come in,” Blackstone said. “For Tyler, being a part of that community as a superhero has been about raising awareness.”

Stallings is proof that anyone can do doing the right thing — no matter their age.