Amazing Photos of California Couple Who Climbed Mount Everest to Get Married

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A California couple climbed Mount Everest with Charleton Churchill, an adventure wedding photography, to document their nuptials at the peak of the mountain. Ashley Schmeider and James Sissom carried their wedding attire and other gear to the base camp before being married at 17,600 feet.


Schmeider and Sissom wanted to have a unique ceremony but didn’t have Mount Everest in mind initially. Churchill was the one that recommended the location.


They began the journey by hiking to Namche Bazar, taking the time to climb slowly and allowing them to adjust to the altitude along the way. The hike was well documented by Churchill, creating a unique photographic tale when seen with other photos with the bride and groom in their wedding attire.




Sissom suffered from altitude sickness the night before the coupled was to be married, requiring him to sleep with an oxygen mask to aid recovery. On the day of the ceremony, the group hiked to base camp before quickly photographing the wedding. While they were originally going to be picked up by a helicopter, the weather was deemed to be too dangerous, so the couple spent an additional night at base camp before being flown out the next morning.




h/t Insider