After Trekking to the South Pole, Teenage Girls Uses Sandwich to Mock Internet Trolls

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A teenage girl endured sexist comments made by internet trolls after posting a speech online about trekking to the North Pole. Instead of letting them get to her, she saw one comment as an opportunity to mock the trolls, all by bringing a sandwich along on one of her journeys.

Jade Hameister, a 16-year-old girl from Australia, decided to beat the internet trolls at their own game, giving her a chance to have a little fun at their expense.

She had trekked to the North and South Poles, as well as along the Greenland icecap, over the course of two years, according to, a feat that many could only dream of accomplishing.

Hameister has even given a TEDx talk about her experience after her journey to the North Pole after she became the youngest person to ski to the destination from outside the Last Degree.

Some internet trolls made sexist comments about her endeavors. On such commenter said, “Sorry little lady – you were designed to be a home maker, have babies and take care of them. Not to trot around in snow to prove a point. Accept your role.”

Another told her, “Make me a sandwich.”

Hameister decided to respond to the troll after she reached the South Pole, a journey that took 37 days to complete. She pulled out an actual ham and cheese sandwich on a plate and told the internet troll to come and get it.

To retrieve the sandwich, the troll would first have to travel to Antarctica and then ski over 300 miles to reach the South Pole. To say it is unlikely that he will take her up on the offer is likely a serious understatement.