After Nonstop Wedding Invitations, This 28-Year-Old Decided to Become a ‘Bridesmaid For Hire’

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Weddings are a stressful experience for all involved. Brides especially have an image of what their wedding should be, and if the events don’t turn out as they envision them, the stress factor raises to the max. In comes Jen Glantz.


Glantz is a one-of-a-kind bridesmaid for hire. She has had a lengthy history of being a bridesmaid. so much so, that she decided to make it a business for herself. So, she brought the idea to the only place she could, Craigslist.”I decided to take a crazy idea and bring it to a crazy place,” she said.


Her business isn’t for women who have no friends. Instead, she offers her expertise in planning the wedding, being a peacekeeper amongst the bridesmaids, and keeping the guests in line. There are several packages available.


Glantz ‘s business, as most businesses do, has multiple options to suit your needs on your big day. She offers a “course” for the first time bridesmaids that explains the in’s and out’s for $35. But, if you’re looking for something more detailed to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch, it will cost you a little more.

For $2,000, Glantz will be your personalized assistant, help with wedding planning for eight-hours a day, anything involving the bridal program.


When giving an interview to INSIDER, the 28-year-old explained she is the all-in-one package. “Simply put, I say that I am the bride’s on-call therapist, personal assistant, social director, and peacekeeper because I’ve never been to a wedding where there wasn’t some kind of drama happening.”


Sometimes, though, the bride may not want her fiance or anyone else to know she hired someone for her position, so Glantz comes up with elaborate fake names and backgrounds in order to not raise suspicion.


Working over 300 weddings has changed her and her love life she says. She explained to INSIDER that she has been to enough weddings to know this is not what she wants.


“I want to meet the person I’m going to be with for the rest of my life and throw a party that really fits us,” she said. “In my mind, all  I want at my wedding is Papa John pizza and good music.”