After Losing His Wife to Cancer, 94-Year-Old Retired Judge Fills the Silence with a Pool for Neighborhood Kids

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Most people recognize that losing a spouse can be one of the hardest moments in a person’s life. Often, the absence of familiar sights and sounds in the house can be a constant reminder that their loved one is gone. One retired judge whose wife passed away decided to fill that voice by creating something for children in his neighborhood.

Keith Davison, a retired district court judge, lost his wife, Evy, to cancer after 66 years of marriage. After enduring the strange silence for months, Davison decided to take action and bring new life to his Morris, Minnesota home.

Davison had a swimming pool installed on his property, but his intention wasn’t solely to spend time soaking up the rays and enjoying time in the water. His community didn’t have a pool for children to enjoy during the hot summer months, so he built one for them.

The pool wasn’t an inexpensive addition, as he chose to install an inground pool instead of just adding an above-ground or inflatable model. It measures 32-feet long and reaches a depth of nine feet on one end. He even had a diving boarded added to the deep end.

While the installation wasn’t a practical decision, it did bring new life to Davison’s home. He didn’t have any grandchildren but was able to bring joy into the lives of children by sharing the pool with the community.

h/t Inspire More