Adidas Releases Beer and Vomit Repellent Shoes Just in Time for Oktoberfest. [VIDEO]

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Ever since Oktoberfest began in 1810, thousands of people from all over the world flock to Munich City, Germany, to drink. The shoe company Adidas knows when you mix beer and rowdy activities, there is also a high probability that someone will vomit (to put it bluntly). So their fix for this problem? Say hello to the vomit and beer repellent shoe — the München.

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Using the finest leathers, the München is outfitted with a rich creamy brown base color and gold stripes with lettering that reads “PROST,” which means “cheers” in German.

Besides the nice homage paid to the festival, the main attraction of these shoes would have to be the beer and vomit repellent coating that covers each shoe. The shoes would surely enhance any lederhosen visitors choose to wear during the festival from September 16 until October 3.

Each purchase of the shoes comes with a complimentary beer mug for celebrating.

There will be a strong chance that you will be one of the few people rocking these as the price is a hefty $240.

According to the festival’s website, Oktoberfest actually starts in September so that visitors can enjoy warmer weather before the temperatures begin to drop. This is especially important as most of the festival takes place outdoors in tents.

The festival spans a vast 85 acres and does cater to children as well. There are plenty of rides and other activities for children to enjoy.

Forbes reports that this year’s festival will feature 143 different kinds of food and over 251 beers from various vendors around the world.

With all those people with beers in hand, it’s only a matter of time before someone trips or drops a full mug of ale onto your feet. But if you’re wearing Adidas’ München, you won’t have to walk around with soggy socks and shoes.