A Look at the Winning Images from the 2017 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest

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National Geographic is known for its stunning photographs from around the world. The 2017 Travel Photographer of the Year contest recognizes outstanding images of anything from winding country roads to incredible wildlife to astonishing acts of nature. If you can’t afford to get away on vacation, consider perusing these magical photos a digital substitute.

The Grand Prize went to Sergio Tapiro Velasco for his photo, “The Power of Nature,” of “a powerful eruption” of Colima Volcano in Mexico.

Hiromi Kano was awarded second place in the nature category for his photograph, “To Live,” which showed swans gliding over the water in a protected wetland in Kabukurinuma, Osaka, Japan.

The third-place nature category winner was Tarun Sinha, who captured an image of American crocodiles on the bank of Costa Rica’s Tarcoles River. The piece is titled, “Crocodiles at Rio Tarcoles.”

“Marble Caves” by Clane Gessel received an honorable mention in the nature category.

Y. Takafuji’s “Forest of the Fairy” also received an honorable mention, along with Reynold Dewantara’s “Mt. Bromo” and Shane Gross’ “In Your Face.”

The People’s Choice Winner, Hymakar Valluri’s “Buff Tailed Coronet,” shows a buff-tailed coronet feeding on nectar from a flower in a forest in Ecuador.

F. Dilek Uyar was recognized with first place win in the people category for “Workship,” an image captured in a historic building located in Konya, Turkey featuring a whirling dervish.

First place in the cities category went to Norbert Fritz for his photograph “Levels of Reading,” an image of the city library in Stuttgart, Germany.

All of these images, and many more, were shared by National Geographic, letting everyone enjoy their beauty.